Malaya Hemp™ Organic Hemp Soap

Hemp Oil Soap – Malaya Hemp™

Handmade Natural soap organic hemp oil, all natural ingredients, this brightening face and body soap is formulated with powerful.

♥ Cleansing
♥ Revitalising
♥ Stimulating
♥ Restoring
♥ Suitable for vegetarians & vegans


The benefits of hemp soap are many. It’s very nourishing for your skin, it’s safe for everyone in your whole family to use, and we only use the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in our special hemp soap recipes. We take pride in the hemp products that we make and love to use them ourselves!

Hemp Soap is Full of Good Stuff for Your Skin

Our hemp soap is full of beneficial ingredients. And it is good for all types of skin whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or other skin issues. This soap contains omegas and other essential fatty acids that are great for your skin. Even though our soap is very moisturizing, it can be very beneficial for oily skin, not just dry skin. Many times oily skin is caused by harsh chemicals in other commercially made soaps that strip your skin of the natural, healthy oils. Your skin then makes an overabundance of oil and that causes oily skin.

Hemps soap is great for washing and is especially good for the sensitive skin on your face. It will actually help moderate oil production in your skin so it isn’t too dry or too oily. The hemp seed oil used in our soaps is non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog your pores. It is also very soothing on the skin and will help with redness and inflammation. Read more about all of the beneficial ingredients in our products.

Everyone Can Use Hemp Soap

No matter what your skin complexion is, everyone can use hemp soap. The fatty acids in our all-natural soap mimic those found in our skin. Hemp soap is safe for everyone to use. It doesn’t matter if you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. It’s even safe for infants to use. Hemp soap does not get you high and it does not have any harmful side effects. No need to buy different soaps for anyone in your family.

Our soap is very moisturizing and has a great foaming and lathering effect that makes it great for shaving, even if you have sensitive skin. Our soap can be used for everything. You can use it for washing your hands, shampooing your hair, shaving, and washing. The all-natural ingredients are safe for everyone for all sorts of uses. When you wash your hair with our all-natural soap, you get a “squeaky clean” feeling in your hair. That’s because our soap contains no chemicals that leave residue in your hair that can make it feel soft but can actually be very damaging to your hair. Our soap provides the needed moisture while washing clean.

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